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Detective Pikachu and Sonic: The Movie has been able to demonstrate that you can do a good film productions of video games. Because of this, has begun to circulate a rumor that indicates that Universal Studios will want to be able to bring the video game franchise of God of War to the cinema with a trilogy.

According to We Got This Coveredone of their sources claims that Universal Studios and PlayStation Productions I would be developing a film God of War. What’s interesting about this rumor is that they ensure that the study you want to do a trilogy.

In addition, it was stated that the trilogy will tell the story of the first games of God of War. Also, Jason Momoa shall be construed to Kratoswhile Dave Bautista, ex-wrestler of the WWE, it will be Ares.

This rumor has gained credibility by the fact that the source was the one who revealed the fourth season of Stranger Things. For the moment, no official source has revealed the fact.

Finally, we must mention that this is only a rumor, since there is nothing official. However, many critics and analysts are expecting to be able to see Kratos on the big screen, for the fact that it is a franchise with a good potential to explode into the film world.