David Bisbal and Rosanna Zanetti celebrate the first birthday of your little Matteo



The couple formed by David Bisbal and Rosanna Zanetti, like millions of families all over Spain and part of the world, is coping with these weeks of confinement, domestic concern-understandable and inevitable – for the health effects and economic problems arising from the pandemic coronavirus and, at the same time, trying to make life as normal as possible.

That explains, among other things, that the two lovers go hand in hand with your social networks on Monday to celebrate by everything high the first year of life of your little Matteo, his first shoot together and the second of the music star. But in addition, to mark an anniversary so special, the marriage has not hesitated to take advantage of the situation to incite the idea that these times of crisis that require a connection even stronger between families.

“It has been a year full of happiness, lots of smiles and learning for all. We have been together as a family, which is not little. I wanted to share with you these special moments, a birthday different, but full of feeling and love. My life, my family!”, reads the poignant message that you have shared the interpreter of almeria, in its profile of Instagram, accompanied by several images of a lively party at which was also present their first-born She, the fruit of his previous relationship with Elena Tablada.

In addition to stressing the importance of taking refuge in the loved ones during this time so turbulent and uncertain, the actress and model from venezuela has wanted to get rid of praise to your child for all those wonderful qualities that has already begun to develop at an early age and that, no doubt, will make you feel the new mother more fortunate of the world.

“Rich, intelligent, funny, adventurous and with a lot of energy (who will have left?) that fills us all with joy”, has written the interpreter in your account of the platform to throw a wink to her husband, just before we celebrate openly the impact that the arrival of Matteo had on all members of the family.

“Little did we know his first birthday as well, but if you are family together we have it all. Someone told me that when he is born your first child on that day also was born a mom, but also a grandmother, an older sister, the father of a child and a long list of exciting first times for all”, has been added in your publication.