Divorces most expensive in Hollywood, the millions to hand out when the love ends


Although the followers of the entertainment world are used to enjoy fairy tales starring your favorite stars, the truth is that they also have a great deal of attention to the stories of their breakups loving

The dark details of the intimate life of the famous as well as led to his divorce and the million dollar figures that come after the separation are likely to be the meat on which they feed the fans of Hollywood (and also the occasional users of that information, seeking to be aware of the rupture of the moment).

In addition to the emotional blow that involves a divorce, the stars also have to cope with the blow to your finances, because on several occasions have had to fork out a fortune to terminate their marriages.

Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore: USD 425 million

If any amount of money has attracted the attention, without a doubt would have to be the one that paid for this actor, and director. In 2011, Gibson and Robyn Moore have agreed to put closure to its history of almost 30 years. To achieve this, the star of Brave Heart he had to divide his fortune, which hovered around USD 850 million in half, so in the end Robyn won over USD 400 million.

Your divorce is up to now the most expensive in the history of Hollywood since Gibson and the mother of seven of their children did not sign a prenuptial agreement, because of this, he was in his right to receive half of the money and goods obtained during their life in common. Right about the time they were married, Gibson was consecrated as the international star.