Documentaries about sports that you can not miss in this quarantine II (Netflix and Movistar+)


In a difficult situation as the current and the impossibility of leaving the house, there is no better way to entertain than consuming culture. Here we leave you a list of documentaries related to sports that will not leave you indifferent:

Stop or nothing (Netflix)
Possibly the greatest scandal in sports history modern take on its owner the name of Lance Armstrong. Stop or nothing teaches us the hidden world behind the life of the cyclist american before confessing his scandal over doping in the historic interview with Oprah Winfrey. This documentary shows the face of falsehood: the fraud, the threats, the tricks and foul play to hide the truth. Lance Armstrong it is shown as a sociopath, a teacher of falsehood, a manipulator, a man capable of use cancer to defend against their allegations about doping.

The cyclist american managed to win 7 Tours de France, in all and each one of them consumed doping substances, the documentary gives the floor to former teammate, to men and women that were around the cyclist during this time of triumphs, also journalists who are threatened.

The descriptions provided by the well-known Armstrong for Stop or Nothing is drawn to a man narcissist, believing his own lies, a sociopath capable of using arguments more slippery and more low morale to defend their lie. This documentary naked and portrays one of the greatest liars of all time, who had the ability to stay on top of the sports world thanks to his fraud, without feeling the pressure of the spotlight and the millions of eyes that were placed on him. Highly recommended, even if you’re not a fan of cycling.

I am Bolt (Netflix)

This documentary tells the story of the best sprinter of all time since its beginning. Usain Bolt is, without doubt, the most symbolic figure of the athletics in this century. The jamaican was a before and an after in the media coverage of the athletics, becoming a star international success. I am Bolt has the word of the great sports figures such as Serena Williams, Pele or Neymar.
If you like sports and stories of self-improvement and success you can not miss this wonderful documentary about one of the most charismatic figures of the history of the sport.

Becoming Zlatan (Netflix)

The exploits of Zlatan Ibrahimovic could be seen beyond their home town, Malmo. The Swedish player, who has had to live in the era of Messi and Cristiano, is one of the best players known all over the world. Becoming Zlatan recounts the history Ibrahimovic from its inception, offering pictures and intimate statements of the player and their companions. Zlatan, from a young age, I was self-centered and provocative, however, was that pride and that confidence in himself which will hicieoron succeed at the highest level of world football.

Love Means Zero (Movistar +)

Andre Agassi, Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Jim Courirer Do to the sounds They hear these names? All of them spent part of their childhood in the Academy Nick in Florida. This academy was directed by the protagonist of the documentary, Nick Nick, who rode to this center of international reference for young promises of world tennis without barely know pick up a racket. This eccentric tennis coach required the children to a very high level, creating trauma and depression. Love Means Zero tells us the step-by-fame Bollettieri by the figure of Andre Agassi, who said in his book Open “to hate him and love him at the same time”. This documentary is highly recommended for all and reflects the demands and responsibilities that professional sport makes on the backs of the athletes when they are only children.