Does Zac Efron is getting fatter in quarantine?


This beau hollywood it was some days ago in an interview over the channel YouTube ‘First We Feast’where they converse with some famous of the medium, while eat wings.

But what more called the attention of that interview were the kilos others that had Zacbecause this has always been desatacado by having a enviable physical and be a all a ‘papacito’.

Efroc left to see during an interview that was conducted through the channel YouTubeFirst We Feast‘ your personality, without masks and the bat, but his physical appearance generated thousands of comments on social networkssince many users claim that the actor is “fat and you will notice the pounds”.

Of the viewers of the program commented that Efron looks more “cachetón” than usual and that could be gaining weight, so that the memes networks did not wait.

It should be noted that, the actor of 32 years, she is currently engaged to ‘enjoy life’because travel to various part of the world and upload your lifestyle to Instagram.