Dua Lipa wants to follow in the footsteps of Lady Gaga


The pop singer Dua Lipa is willing to play a role in American Horror Story, something that has made its companion profession Lady Gaga, who also won a Golden Globe for it.

The past day 4, Lipa conducted a Ask Anything Chat from his home, a short connection online with his followers to respond to questions of any kind related to your music career or your personal life.

During this chat, the singer received comments and questions about his music, his tour, and, given the situation of public health emergency in which we find ourselves, and also about your health. However, there was an unexpected question that called especially to the attention of their followers. And is that, when someone asked him in what tv show you would like to participate, he replied that in the famous series of terror American Horror Story.

The british declared himself an absolute fan of the dark and grotesque story, which already has ten seasons issued and which recently was renewed for another three more. “I’d really love to be in American Horror Story. I always have loved the characters and how they play different roles in each season. I’ve always been a fan”, he confessed.

Without a doubt, this information might reach the ears of the producers with ease. Let us remember that Dua Lipa is not the first singer who shows interest in the acclaimed series. Lady Gaga as he did in his time, and came to play a leading role in the fifth season, Hotel. The actress gave life to a cunning vampire that was mesmerizing to the viewers, and even ended up winning a Golden Globe for Best Actress.

With three more seasons ahead, the series still has a long way to go, and who knows if we’ll end up seeing Dua Lipa between your deal.