Duffy revealed details of the kidnapping and rape he suffered

Duffy, the british singer who triumphed in 2008 with “Mercy”, he published an extensive letter in which gave more details of the darkest moment of his life, when he was “raped, kidnapped and drugged” during four weekssomething that spoke for the first time in February after spending a decade in anonymity.

In an extensive letter 3,600 words published in your web pagethe artist reveals that, following the fateful episode was considered eligible “to human rights laws to change its name in the public records”, to “disappear in another country” and “leave the past behind with a new life.”

“If you’re reading this, I should warn you that it contains information that some may find disturbing -alert Duffy at the beginning-. If you can’t bear the suffering of another person (…) I highly recommend that you do not continue reading”.

Although he mentions that, despite “fear for his own life,” finally he could report the incident to the police, the singer has not released the identity of the culprit nor given any clue about its origin.

“The identity of the rapist should only be handled by the police, and that is between me and them,” he explains.

As stated in the text, Duffy was drugged the day of her birthday, at which time he began an ordeal of four weeks.

“It was my birthday, I drugged in a restaurant and during four weeks. They took Me to a foreign country. I don’t remember boarding the plane, but suddenly I found myself in the back of a vehicle”, account.

Then, the woman describes that a man raped her in a hotel, who subsequently took her to his own home, and remained four weeks with her.

“I knew that my life was in immediate danger, he confessed to wanting to kill me. With the little strength that he had, my instinct was to run, run and find a place to live, that he could not find“recalls Duffy, who finally managed to flee.

The threats and the fear of potential media exposure resulted in, such and as detailed by the victim, did not dare to report the case, until he put it in knowledge of “two women police” after being bullied again.

“I was not the same person for a long time. Rape is like a murder alive, you’re alive, but dead”indicates Duffy.

Also, the singer explains the reasons why he decided to publish now this terrible experience.

“I thought that the public disclosure of my history destroy my life completely, emotionally, while hiding, my story was destroying my life much more”, he argues.

“Rape me stripped of my human rights -complaint-. (…) I have stolen a third of my life.”

And although he recognizes that “to be without singing is destroying her”, does not advance any steps in his artistic career.

“When I sing I feel like a bird, but it’s not going of this. (…) What comes to be seen”, he promises.

Duffy swept the musical world when, in 2008, she released her first album “Rockferry”, which contained the hit “Mercy” and received the critical acclaim of the critics, that the linked with contemporary icons such as Adele and Amy Winehouse.

After a second album, presented in 2010, “Endlessly”, that is not reaped the expected success, the artist withdrew from public life during the decade, and only appeared as a supporting actress in a movie 2015.

“Now I can leave behind this decade. It belongs to the past,” he concludes.

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