Economist ensures that the signings of more than 100 million will be an “old memory


The signings of more than 100 million euros, which marked the last sessions of the market after the operation between Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain for the brazilian Neymar Junior will be “an old memory” after the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus, considered the Italian economist Marco Bellinazzo in an interview with EFE.

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It is a feeling common also among the officers of the clubs of the Series, which include a next session of the market led by trade-offs and costs less millionaires: a radical change in a football that recorded before the health crisis, a soaring of the value of the players.

Inflation in the chips of the players view, after that in the summer of 2017 PSG will pay 222 million to Barcelona for Neymar it will be a distant memory, held Bellinazzo, economist and journalist of the first economic newspaper of Italy, “Il Sole 24 Ore”.

After the multi-million dollar operation Neymar-PSG, followed a few days later by the signing of the paris club of the French Kilian Mbappé for a total of 180 million (between assignment and purchase final), football was a chain reaction that became usual operations for stratospheric abundances.

The Barcelona invested more than 100 million euros by the French Ousmane Dembelé and Antoine Griezmann, and by the brazilian Philippe Coutinho; Atletico Madrid paid 127 million to Sporting Lisbon for the Portuguese Joao Felix; Juventus beat every record of spending in Italian football to pay 112 million to Real Madrid by the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo.

A phenomenon that, according to Bellinazzo already belongs to the past, after a pandemic of the coronavirus, numb to the world and, incidentally, the football.

“The bubble generated by the signing of Neymar by the PSG is going to explode. Inflation in the tabs view after the operation Neymar to PSG will be a distant memory. Will be difficult to return to see these contributions,” explained the expert to EFE.

“One hundred million by Dembelé not spend more. CIES has recently estimated a loss of value of players of at least 30%. If all clubs should review their accounts, we will hardly ever see these costs”, he added.

A slump in prices that can have serious consequences for Italian clubs as Juventus, who in recent years made considerable investments in the attempt to boost the growth of your brand and achieve a win in the Champions League, a trophy that has not won since 1996.

“This crisis will be more of a problem for clubs such as Juventus, who invested a lot in the last few years and they used to settle their accounts with capital gains”, highlights Bellinazzo.

Work on trade-offs and, above all, in the quarries will be increasingly important for both clubs, medium or small as per the elite, forced to throw more of their own young.

Yes, the football, although with rhythms low with respect to those registered in the last few years, it will continue to grow.

“The european football came to 21 billion of turnover and in 2000 for slightly more than 11 billion. Some clubs, like Real Madrid or Barcelona have been multiplied by ten their billings. The sector will continue to grow, especially among the giants of Europe,