Ezra Miller is in trouble for attacking a fan, and already ask for your output Flash

Ezra Miller it became a topic of conversation recently, but this time it was not for breaking gender stereotypes with their clothing or anything like that.

Through social networks began circulating a video where, apparently, attacking a fan grabbing it by the neck and dumping it to the ground.

Because of this incident, some fans were very angry and already ask for its output of major projects such as Flash and Fantastic Animals.

The whole controversy started when it was revealed a video where Ezra Miller hangs himself to a woman, and even though the attitude of the alleged victim gives to understand that everything is a game, the one who records it is very different.

If you have not yet seen this strange moment, I’ll leave it then.

What happened to Ezra Miller?

In accordance with Varietyit all happened at the bar Prikið Kaffihús of Iceland, and even, an employee of the place would have confirmed that it was an altercation real and not a joke.

Apparently, a group of fans began to annoy Ezra Miller, who ended up losing control and attacking the woman that we see in the video.

The public response did not wait, and just a few days after that it would reveal what had happened, initiated a petition to remove the actor from his roles in movies.

The public did not react well.

Danzel Samuel took the platform Change.org to gather signatures and request that Miller be removed from tape as Flash and fantasy Animals.

Until the moment it does not appear that this initiative has been successful, as it has barely 40 signatures, but each time you add more.

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We hope that very soon Ezra Miller comes out to clarify what happened, and even though there are witnesses who claim that the attack was real, we want to give him the benefit of the doubt.

If you want to join the petition, you can do it from here.

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