Fans hit to Diddy after he stops Lizzo Twerking


Many fans are not happy with Sean “Diddy” Combs after that it seemed to stop Lizzo of twerking during your fundraiser dance live on Instagram Sunday of Easter.

The event social networking, star-filled, the music producer organized to raise money for the health workers on the frontline of the fight against the coronavirus, presented Jennifer Lopez, Megan Thee Stallion, Duck, Lizzo, and more stars join Diddy for dancing for a good cause.

However, at one point during the brief appearance of Lizzo, the star of “Truth Hurts” began to speak with Moneybagg Yo’s, “1 2 3” and Diddy chimed in saying that the movements of Lizzo were inappropriate for the religious holiday.

“Oh, Whoa, whoa, whoa! Stop the music,” screamed Diddy as he hopped in the box. “It’s Easter Sunday, let’s play something a little familiar”.

A Lizzo nerve immediately stopped dancing, and excused himself awkwardly in response. “Sorry, sorry, sorry! Let’s do something fun,” he said before requesting her hit “Juice”. “Well, don’t play that kind of … touches something that can be done.”

While he stopped the dance moves of Lizzo, Diddy later praised the model Draya Michele while she was heading to “Back That Ass Up” several hours later. “Oh, you killed that!” Diddy said to Draya. “I think that was one of the best performances”.

In response, many fans called Diddy in the comments, accusing him of having double standards.

“But Lizzo was a ‘no’ and he was ashamed ????? hmmm, now I’m a little confused,” wrote one person. “We need to maintain the same energy, I don’t like this”.

“It is good that Draya was upset, but when Lizzo begins to speak, you say, ‘we’re going to keep it a little family’ not to mention that you did look like a fool for being herself. Ok, lord,” said a fan, and another added , “IF LIZZO CAN’T DO it, DRAYA CAN’T DO it”.

“Draya began to do twerking and the fools lost their head,” said one user. “Lizzo theme dub twerk and he says ‘don’t do twerking on the Lord’s day’ … if the double standard was a person”.

Diddy later he turned to his history of Instagram to respond to the backlash, claiming that I had a problem with the lyrics of the song that Lizzo was doing instead of dancing.

“There is one thing that I want to make clear: my queen, my sister Lizzo”, he explained. “When I stopped the music it was because it had many curses, not because they were doing twerking. It is one of the best twerkers in the world, is well, so let’s make that clear. It was not twerking . You are allowed to theme dub twerk at Easter “.

“It was a lot of curses in the registry and I don’t need child services knocking on my door at this time, do you understand?” he quipped, adding their admiration for the singer. “Lizzo, we love you. Everyone, stop looking for the negative. Look at the positive, man. Let’s get to the love.”

However, many critics didn’t buy the apologies of Diddy and noted how the songs you danced Draya and Megan Thee Stallion were not appropriate, but not the disrupted.

“Then the song Draya was a ‘family’?” Asked a person.

“Diddy said he stopped Lizzo because of all the cussing while Lizzo performed the twerking”, another added. “However, when it was acting #megtheestallion had many words of curse. Is lying”.

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