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The sunset of a life

Between the great melodramas of the cinema, this film of Billy Wilder (who surely know thanks to the music that was born of him, Sunset Boulevard, step original title of the film) has a place very special. Not only for the story it tells, but also by their relationship with the real world of the film. The story is of a writer in the bad (William Holden) who becomes a little bit by chance in the gigolo of an old Hollywood diva (Gloria Swanson), who lives in isolation, only accompanied by her butler (Erich Von Stroheim) and is sometimes visited by other players in the glorious silent film (see, as, Buster Keaton). The interesting thing about the film is that Swanson was exactly a diva in the world that was outside of Hollywood; that Stroheim was the mutilated queen Kelly (film that the character sees time and time again) and Wilder takes advantage of the air weird and a bit annoying to launch an attack sardonic toward a certain form of the movie business. But above all this is a melodrama with two themes: the eternal fight against the passage of time and the passion irrational for the art of entertaining. In his time, that the story was narrated by a dead man was quite a technical innovation; today it is clear that death is, precisely, the great protagonist of this masterpiece. Available in Qubit.TV

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

At the time of its premiere, 2017, many saw this film a reiteration of the first adventure of these losers become something like superheroes by pure chance (and because they are more good than the bread, by the way). However, it is as good as its predecessor and even better. The team of Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) becomes, in this film a real family, with their problems and their congratulations, while debate the subject of the question about what is the paternity (the game involving the characters of Kurt Russell and Michael Rooker), or what is to be a brother of someone (declined in women between Zoe Saldana and Karen Gillian). The result includes great moments of action completely crazy humor and tender and plentiful, two of the trademark style of director James Gunn. But also an emotional charge remarkable, underlined by the presence of brief but effective of Sylvester Stallone, a soundtrack unbeatable and an ending that causes the tears. Cinema of author that wants to be shared with the world, smuggled behind a great adventure of special effects. To enjoy with the family and without apprehensions. In Amazon Prime Video.

Lagniappe: The machinist of the General

Buster Keaton was a genius. No doubt about it, but it is a pity that it is only a name that we know the specialists, when it should be taught in schools. For many reasons: he was a comedian who believed in the intelligence of the viewer, his character was first overcome by the world and after he overcame the world, by adapting it to their own needs and desires, condemning the human stupidity although it was by no means a misanthrope, and created some of the sequences most spectacular of all the history in a time where the term “computer” had not yet even been invented. All of these virtues appear in that many consider his masterpiece (false: it has many masterpieces), The machinist of the General, where it is a conductor of trains in the South in the middle of the Civil War, as much-or more – in love with his locomotive (“the General”) as a girl accidentally kidnapped by soldiers from the North. Trains coming and going, condemning the stupidity of the power-and the military in particular-action constant speed at times mind-boggling, and the climax of a sequence of battle that would be impossible today, for their deployment, and strength, without the (ab)use of digital effects. And all absolutely comical. Surprise: you do not have to subscribe to anything to view it. Stop by this link: