Following in the steps of Lady Di: Meghan Markle, very close to ok an explosive proposal that would put in check the british royal family

The duke and duchess of Sussex are installed from the beginning of march in the city of Los Angeles in search of job opportunities now that queen Elizabeth II will no longer pay travel and expensive lifestyle that lead along to your child Archieof 11 months. Apparently Meghan Markle received a a tempting offer that would put in check the british royal family. Like Lady Di, the wife of prince Harry would be analysing to give an interview in which I would expose the reasons for his resignation as royal.

Now that there are high-ranking members of the british royal family, they all want to know the secrets that were behind this decision. For this reason, the television networks americans are willing to pay whatever to the royal couple to give an interview where you talk about an interview on the talk without censorship.

According to The Sun, the former american actress the tempted with more than $ 1 million to get in front of cameras and have details of his nearly two years as an official member of the Windor from her marriage with Harry in may of 2018.

According to the above-mentioned means of communication, the interview Markle would revolve around her new life in the united States and projects, but also is expected to say whether they are true or not, the rumors of his continuing differences with his powerful political family.

There are several chains that are struggling to get the exclusive and historic interview. It is said that the big favorite to interview her is Oprah Winfrey, intimate friend of the duchess and her husband. The influential journalist and entrepreneur, was one of the invited to the royal wedding and then the controversial baby shower that Markle made in the city of New York along with other famous friends such as Amal Clooney and Serena Williams.

In addition to Winfrey, another option for someone who may be in charge of the interview with the Sussex is the host Ellen DeGeneresalso intimate friend of the duchess.

According to the tabloid The Mirror, the duchess of Sussex you want to with force be able to recover the affection and empathy of the public with this interview. In addition, it ensures that both she and prince Harry are seriously considering the proposal.

A source has revealed to the british that if the duchess receives the above-mentioned sum for the interview, “will donate all the money to a charity, likely to the health services English to thank them for their work” in the fight against the coronavirus.

Accept the offer, Markle will follow in the footsteps of his deceased mother-in-law. It was in 1995 when princess Diana broke the silence in a revealing interview with the journalist Martin Basher of the BBC, without fear, spoke about her failed love story with the prince Charles. Revealed, among other things, that in their marriage were always three by reference to the infidelity of the son of queen Elizabeth II, Camilla Parker Bowles, now duchess of Cornwall. That historic interview tarnished the image that the british royalty wanted to keep up to that time: that of a united family and without problems.

Since Meghan Markle and prince Harry decided to abandon the british monarchy, have had million-dollar proposals to participate in different projects. At the beginning of the year, the grandson of queen Elizabeth, received a million dollars for appearing in the event of JP Morgan in Miami, where he spoke on mental health and trauma after the death of his mother. In the meantime, Markle put her voice to a documentary of Disney+.

The dukes of Sussex were not a great welcome on the part of Donald Trump. Through his Twitter account, the representative I made it clear that his Government I was not going to pay the millionaires costs for protecting them during his residence in the country.

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