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“I liked football when it was played lyric, and the tubercular patients. But now it has become a haven of millionaires”. Quinquela Martin, a painter of The legendary Mouth, it said in 1967. And Dante Panzeri quoted him in 1974, in Bourgeoisie and gansterismo in the sport . It is a book that describes football as “a giant atrophied and hypertrophied”. And the player, as a “reenactor crowd of an activity, not a producer of essential services”, but in high demand. Therefore, Panzeri recognized that the art of entertaining outside so much more profitable than the art of healing. But what was “absolutely abhorrent” and was confident of a “rebellion of the masses” that some day they hartara of the “looting” that was the sport, “helped by a press adocenada and accomplice.” Late in 1978, Panzeri admitted that there had not been such a rebellion. But you hardly ever would have paid to use the players millionaires as a scapegoat. To point to them because the doctors don’t even have today barbijos to attend to the victims of the pandemic.

The debate broke out these days in England, the country of football more millionaire of the world and whose first minister, Boris Johnson , to fight against the coronavirus in an intensive care unit. His Health minister, Matt Hancock, was in contrast to the fuzziness of the players on the trim of their wages with the sacrifice of the physicians of the National Health Service (NHS). “Shame, mr. Hancock,” he replied Barbara Ellen. His claim, said the journalist, “reeks of class prejudices deeply arragaidos, which takes as an easy target to players supposedly “greedy, arrogant, and desclasados””. Harder still, Simon Hattenstone said against the policy of the last decade of the Conservative Party, of cuts and privatisation which have harmed the public health, and recalled that the own Boris Johnson blocked initially in 2017 a minimum increase to the workers of the NHS. Their average wages of between 30,000 and 80,000 pounds a year will be always unmatched with the average of 7 million pounds paid to its stars, the champion Manchester City .

Before Hancock I signed up, the players already were debating how much they should reduce their salary. The Premier League asked for 30%. The union clarified that the discount could not be the same for all and asked the clubs to show their accounts and to ensure that the money would not end up being used to sign reinforcements. It was shocking that just Liverpool and Tottenham , the last two finalists of the Champions league, the tournament most millionaire in the world, is acogieran to a program of government subsidies to pay the salaries of employees of the club. Jaqueados by its own fans, its own history, and because “you’ll never walk alone”, u.s. employers Liverpool were forced to back down and apologize. Tottenham did not. Their owner is Joe Lewis , a billionaire offshore, landowner in Patagonia.

While other leagues have already agreed sales of solidarity, the Premier, his shop empty, he offered the last weekend of a “fight or impropriety” of “individual ambitions” that had the wealth “as the only language acceptable”. The “inability to function as a collective”. The “stench of a sport -wrote Jonathan Liew in The Guardian – that has corroded their own obligations.” But does the new England didn’t show his proud to the overall power of your Premier League? Of course, there are the donations. The Premier donated a total of about 200 million euros (something like 5% of your annual turnover). The Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich , patron of Chelsea, he gave to staff of the NHS facilities of your Stamford Bridge Hotel. And many campuses have agreed to give up wages to collect for the employees of the club. There are players really connected with their origins deeper. And which are far away from over one billion dollars , a barrier that, according to Forbes days ago, he crossed Cristiano Ronaldo . It would be like to assume that Carlos Tevez represents today the player media in Argentina.

Has reason Carlo Ancelotti , today DT of Everton, when he says that if “this is like a war then will come the post-war period”. Take a time to resume the usual speech about life “sacrificed” the sporting hero. The first goals, it is clear, will win you as always to the public health. But why Hancock, the minister of Health that points against the players millionaires, not asked to former prime ministers like David Cameron and Theresa May something of the big bucks that they charge for their global conferences? You ask the colleague Alistair Campbell. And still: why not ask publicly money also to JK Rowling, Lewis Hamilton, the 007 Daniel Craig, to Adele, to bankers, investment funds and financiers of campaigns, lawyers and advertisers billionaires? “The footballer as an easy target,” laments Gary Lineker. It is night. The BBC reports on the status of Boris Johnson. The image shows Dominic Raab, the minister in charge, a boxer when I was studying in Oxford, a black belt in karate, champion of cuts to weeks ago. On the screen appears a doctor who cries. It says that there aren’t enough beds. Missing protective equipment. Come someone ends blaming everything on the NHS. We tell you that it will be better to privatize it.

By: Ezequiel Fernández Moores in ADDITION

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