‘foxy eyes’, the ‘look’ favorite of Kendall Jenner


  • The last makeup viral is called ‘foxy eyes’. ‘Celebs’ like Kendall Jenner or Bella Hadid is not removed, and we’re going to teach you to do so.
  • The beauty routine that Hailey Bieber continues all day.

    I raise the hand who would like to have the penetrating gaze of Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner! Wow. How many hands! (That of a servant included). Well, sorry to say that, in part, responsible for that so be it is an operation that is cosmetic. However, it also has a lot of the eye makeup that is make. Specifically, the models always tend to take a ‘look’ known as ‘foxy eyes’ that, besides being quite natural, achieves the effect of slanted eyes and raised so exotic and that we like. Today we have come to show you how it’s donesince it is much more simple than you imagine.

    The first step is to get the necessary tools: a set of tweezers, a brush for eyebrows, a bar of soap (yes, no flipes, now you’ll see the sense), different tones of shades of brown and black, brushes for make up your eyes (without forgetting one small, beveled-shape), an ‘eyeliner’ if you want to check more the look, mascara and zeal if you are still not mastered it a lot of the ‘makeup’. What are all the ingredients of the recipe ready? We started off with.

    Here you have a tutorial and step-by-step makeup ‘foxy eyes’

    In the first place, you have to prepare the face for makeup. This is due to moisturise it, maquillarla if that is what you want, etc., After, for the area, grab the two strands that are at the height of the eyes and pick them up above the nape with a rubber band. It effect lifted look instantly! And now, it starts at the eyebrows. The ideal is to find the least curved as possible. To do this you can shave what you need or pick up a brush for eyebrows, pull it a few times for a hand soap solid and shape the hair.

    Now we move on to the makeup. If you don’t have a lot of skill (I understand perfectly), try putting a piece of tape on the eye by marking the line you want to follow. Look, like this:

    The important thing of this ‘makeup’ is to leave the mobile eyelid as clean as possible, the opposite of what we need to do with the outer corners of both eyes. With a brush quite fluid, begins with a brown shade clear base and mark the eye sockets. Extends the length of the line. After this step, it takes on a tone of something darker and stands out a little more of that stroke, with the same horizontal movements.

    Arrives the moment more decisive: do the ‘eyeliner’. For a more natural result, just take the small brush and bevel and, with shadow, dark brown or black, creating a sort of ‘cat eye’ thinner and more elongated, which go from the tear it up a little bit more of the end of the tabs. If you want more intensity, add after this step a liquid eyeliner. To finish, a bit of highlighter on the high part of the cheekbone and freak out! Possibly, this is the makeup that best feel to all over the world. A Little Word Cosmo.