Game of Thrones: Cosplay of Sansa Stark looks identical to Sophie Turner

Sansa Stark it is one of the female characters from the HBO series “Game of Thrones”well , being a theme very popular among the community of fans and cosplayer of Russian origin known as “Anya Vonti” surprised its 62.1 thousand followers Instagram with a detailed cosplaythat made it look like the twin loss of the famous actress Sophie Turner, who plays the character.

With great care, the cosplayer included several details in their characterization, from a lovely wig redhead, pupilentes, complete wardrobe with an emblem of the family Stark and hard work of special effects with Photoshop for several photo sessions, because it predicted the final results from the chair of Game of Thrones.

Many of his followers praised their version of Sansa Stark, as Anya Vonti has been declared a huge fan of the original series by HBO, recalling that, in the coming years, there will come a new project of the saga direct to the small screen, which has excited the fandom, to be able to continue seeing more awesome cosplays as herself.

The cosplay of Sansa Stark

The actress Sophie Turner, she played one of the daughters of Eddard Stark to GOT, which opened a big way in the acting to other movies like the new saga X-Men, where there impersonated Jean Gray; but it became in issue at the time since announcing her first pregnancy with her husband Joe Jonas.

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The series of Game of Thrones had a total of 8 seasons, becoming a success of the television current, and the character of Sansa Stark, also known as the Mistress of Invernalia, was one of the more popular, going hand in hand with the character of Jon Snow, Arya Stark and Daenerys Targaryen, the latter being also recreated with a cosplay by the talented Anya Vonti.

Cosplay of Daenerys Targaryen

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