Gisela Robledo: who is the girl that comes out in the spot with Messi, Serena, Bolt and Jordan?


Leo Messi, Usain Bolt and Serena Williams star in together Michael Jordan the latest ad for Gatorade, which is developed in the GOAT Campthe ‘secret lab’ to which are invited the best to become the most exalted of the story, always with the help of the superstars of soccer, athletics, tennis and basketball.

On the spot stands out the figure of a young footballer, catapulted to fame in the root of that presence, to the point that the official website of the FIFA he has devoted a report, emphasizing that it is an authentic jewel by class and talent balompédicos.

Who is the teen that rubs Leo, Serena, Usain and ‘Air Jordan’?

It’s called Gisela Robledo Gilis 16 years old, playing in the America Cali female plays as midfielder offensive and is an international for Colombia.

The coronavirus has caused the postponement of the south American u-20 female from Argentina-2020, in which the star ‘coffee’ was being called on to deploy all of your football… that you can admire in the ad.

Gisela explained in that “no more signing” by the well-known brand of sports drinks as the image of the same, “they called me for the shoot”, performed in Slovenia.

Gisela Robledo Gil it is now a media star, although his big dream is to become the best player in the world. His exquisite technique has been perfected thanks to his brother David and their cousins and got into the ‘sport king’ despite the opposition of her mother, for “it is for men.”

As also explained in the journal The Tradehis aunt Olive is their great protector: I paid the boots and bus fares to travel to the workouts.