Greta Thunberg and the coronavirus


I know that to start my opinion with the name of the young activist Swedish is risky, because nothing else read the headline many of you will have sighed for the boredom that causes him to hear talk about it, but I think that right now it is necessary to do so. If you are able to leave parked prejudice to his person, and devote a few minutes of his confinement to listen, not hear, their interventions, they will discover that many of their demands we are repeating ad nauseum from a month ago. You also.

Its main claim has always been “listen to the scientists, invest in science”. During the COP25, after walking the same halls, where now are crowded with the sick, pursued by hundreds of journalists, is dedicated to giving voice to the only ones who can get us out of the disaster. Our future depends on those who ninguneamos, which will escamoteamos resources, that we do not listen when you come up with verifiable data. No matter if we talk about weather emergencies, health, social, to prevent the problems of tomorrow must study the present, to anticipate them, and only with the support of the science we do so with guarantees of success. To see if when you have finished the applause to the heroes in the balconies, we remember to continue to invest in them or we settle for erecting a monument in his honor.

Another of his great lines is “you are the hope”. His ongoing message is to trust in the human being, in the capacity that we have to act together, in the strength, and the power of the community to change what surrounds us, in the responsibility of each one of us so that when this happens, not go back to duck your head and let that separate us. This virus has shown us that when we think of the life, in the human being over the economy, the planet also thanks you. Another way is possible, but and using another of his phrases, “change will not come from the powerful, if not the masses that are demanding action. We will make the change”.

For Greta, the big culprits of the climate crisis have always been the politicians, puppets in the hands of economic power, rompers of use and throw, that they smile and nod to our problems, but who do nothing to fix because it does not affect them. To them he has devoted great lines, but there is one that is now shocking. It is said to all those present at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January 2019, “I don’t want you to have hope, I want you to panic. I want you to feel the fear that I feel every day and then I want you to act”. With this pandemic, our politicians have felt the panic when they discover that money doesn’t buy everything. We have seen how they have been changing their ideas and their way of acting as you have been as fragile as the rest. Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Vladimir Putin, have had to fall back to the laws of nature, frightened by a virus that does not respect neither names nor economic balances.

And it is no coincidence that these same countries began to deny the pandemic, are the same that hinder the international agreements on the fight against Climate Change. Are the ones who put the economy above the human being, those who think that it is a good idea to sacrifice part of their population not to go into recession, those who sit on chairs of gold to handle the world at their whim. Are stroll your arrogance, your arrogance, your lack of empathy for the weak, for the hallways of Conferences where they celebrate the International Summits, that they never amount to nothing, and where now stack the bodies of hundreds of citizens. A sad, but true metaphor that comes to remind us that to deny the evidence, is to put at risk the lives of millions of people.

To finish do I retrieve a phrase that he said in may last year in Vienna, “is the crisis most important that has faced humanity ever” adding that “humans have a great capacity of adaptation, and when we become aware of the danger, we act, we change”.

All of your phrases are so valid to this point because the problem is not the virus, or climate change, is the model that has led the world in the last decades, which has put the capital over people.

We are in danger, we provoke change.

Moses S. Palmero is an Educator and environmental writer.