H. E. R working with Tommy Hilfiger in the hand of Lewis Hamilton


Gabi Wilson (H. E. R.) is 11 years old and has just been introduced to the audience of a talent show morning call The View by the very Whoopi Goldberg. The protagonist of Sister Act asked when he began to sing and the small, sitting before a piano white, he replies, with a self-confidence unusual, that when I was three or four years, that he learned from his father, a musician in a band, and that is able to play four instruments, among those who prefer the low, “because you have more spirit soul”. At the time, on the screens, show images of the small Will Smithwho , at that time, was the owner of the company’s representation that it has under contract. What’s amazing at his age? Much more the interpretation that then performs “If I ain’t Got You” Alicia Keys, where his voice soars over piano keys as if the spirit of the priestesses of the rhythm and blues invaded the throat of such a prodigy child.

After this viral success, one would think they would come more television programs, christmas albums, sign autographs, and a career commercialized and meteoric. But it was not so. For yearsthe voice of Gabi stopped ringing. At least under that name. Now, this child prodigy is called H. E. R. (Having Everything Revealed) and has carved out his career in SoundCloud, on the sidelines of the stations are conventional, and even so, filled with concerts and has been nominated for the prize more important, and brands are fighting for this petite woman and the wide smile with which I find myself today.

Dusk in London and the day was further complicated by a low rainfall and the cold air of a typical late british February. Gabi Wilson, perfectly made-up as an adult, remains that small, smiling and petite. And although it takes days to prepare the parade which will present the next day at the Tate Modern, the new collaboration that has made the hand of the firm Tommy Hilfiger and his ambassador, Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton, is shown accessible and delighted to show their pieces. Designs risky, own the generations post-millennial, as a jumpsuits heirs of the rap and the 80’s in colours blue, red and white with bright flashes of neon yellow, blue, and orange.

A selection in which items such as the word “loyalty” in the form of graffiti, among many signifiers, provides one key: inclusion and diversity, since it is a collection that is not only versatile between genres, but also appeals to the conscience and to freedom, all issues that the artist has tried in their discs published until the moment, H. E. R.: Volume 1 and H. E. R.: Volume 2.

GQ: Do you have everything ready for the parade tomorrow?

H. E. R.:“Yes, they’ll even go to the studio before, we’ll play some music. I have to rehearse new songs and to finish the parade of fashion at the same time”.

GQ:You look like a woman is extremely busy. How would you describe your evolution as an artist and as a person?

H: “I feel that I have changed a lot of different ways, but, also, I’m still the same, if that makes sense. When you grow, you discover who you are and, somehow, all my life I have prepared for all of these sweet moments that I’m going through now.”

GQ: What do you enjoy most when you act?

H: “I like the connection with the audience. I love when the audience sings my lyrics, but I also love when no one knows who I am. One of the best findings is to make new fans, that is very cool”.

GQ: What is the disk from which you feel most proud?

H: “I’ve only had two (laughs). I don’t know, but maybe, there is nothing like the first time, don’t you think?”.

GQ: And what is your opinion of the panorama of the music with platforms such as YouTube and social networks?

H: “It’s interesting, because I didn’t agree on how it is handled in the stage at which the social networks emerged. The idea was to expose what more you could you as a person and not as an artist, and I did exactly the opposite. I think that, in the final analysis, the networks were a tool for me and as well expose my music because I threw it myself, not put my name and didn’t have a face, it was actually the opposite of what are the networks”.

GQ: In a certain sense, the artist must maintain an air of mysterybecause we can now see them on all sides…

H: “Yes, exactly, and are also a wonderful tool for the artists that are just starting out and for people who want to be heard, who want to have a voice, because it gives the opportunity to the singers to be exposed. Before, requerías a record label to do this, now it is not so necessarily”.

Around us come and go, members of the team Tommy Hilfiger with the garments in the collection. A proposal that includes one of the contemporary concerns about the sustainability fashion early and their impact on the environment. The firm, and in particular this installment, shows that we can make decisions each time more correct, and that the environmental effect is reduced. The garments contain at least 75% of recycled materials like the 100% organic cotton.

GQ: Why did you decide to be a part of this project?

H: “I always wanted to be a Tommy Girl. The way in which the brand works on so many facets of the culture… Not only is it fashionable, it is creativity, it is about sports. Tommy is all in all parts and for all.”

GQ: How was the approach of the brand and Lewis Hamilton?

H: “My god, my god, in the beginning was sucked in because I was getting to know the detail of the process and the world of fashion. Very soon, they wanted to hear my ideas, I said ‘wow’, this will be very fun, I will be able to exercise this creativity that I didn’t even know I had. And what I was doing with someone like Tommy Hilfiger. I felt nervous, until I worked with the team and I realized what a wonderful, easy, and fun it was. They trusted in me to propose designs that represent me and people to love”.

GQ: How is working with the designer, one of the most well-known of the world?

H: “Very fun, is a wonderful person and a music lover. We got to know a lot in this process; it is someone very cooleasy to work and both of us have fun with what we do.”

GQ: What is your favorite piece for the men in this collection?

H: “I don’t know, I think that the overalls it is my favorite, but the jacket beige denim it is very good also. Although I do not know if I have a favorite. The overalls is something that you would use in the scenario, but also any day. I love them because they are very simple, you use a baggy or more fit, it is a piece of wonderful”.