Hailey Bieber and the transformation of his style as the tricks your stylist


Fashion male, athleisure, large items, hoop earrings gold, boots mosqueteras with heels and sets sports. Probably, this is the summary of style that more justice done to Hailey Baldwin. And, even if it is already fully associated with these outfits, what is certain is that the model has not always dress well. Specifically, she began to do it in march 2016, when he had a crush on fashion with the stylist that, since then, is behind all their looks. It’s called Maeve Reilly and so has achieved the radical change that the wife of singer Justin Bieber was looking for.

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But now Maeve has clients of the stature of Hailey Bieber, Khloé Kardashian, Olivia BlameJules Hough, Normani, Halsey and up Kylie Jennerin the past only worked with celebrities male and that is, according to its clients, its main attraction. The own stylist, told in an interview how Janelle Monae went to their services, precisely, for all your wisdom on masculine style, tailoring… Qualities that also drew the attention of Hailey Bieber enough to hire the services of Maeve Reilly through Instagram. As both have been told on several occasions, the model was put in contact with the stylist through Instagram and hired their services because he loved his personal style. In addition, Hailey refused to share a stylist with their friends and, thus, avoid dressing the same. From that moment, Maeve molded the style of the model until you reach the labels that both were looking for.

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Taking into account that the sources of inspiration for Maeve Reilly are Rihanna, Carine Rotifeld and Linda Evangelista in the 90’s, the style of Hailey Bieber it is more understandable. His taste for the garments oversized, tailoring, masculine and sporty in contrast, in its turn, with dresses more sexies on the red carpet and with the high heel shoes more high. And these are the garments a fetish that Maeve Reilly has managed to fit into the wardrobe of the model. “She feels so safe with his body that do not feel the need to be teaching something all the time”, commented the stylist to WWD.


Although the hair stylist acknowledges that he has always liked the style of Hailey Bieber, what is certain is that the model came to her in search of a professional touch that may elevate their outfits, as well as to get a greater access to different signatures of fashion. And the result of all this travel is the mixture tomboy sexy both have been achieved.