Harry Styles designs a t-shirt and the profits will be donated to the WHO to fight against the covid-19


Harry Styles designs a t-shirt and the profits will be donated to the WHO to fight against the covid-19

Harry Styles designs a t-shirt and the profits will be donated to the WHO to fight against the covid-19


The t-shirt sells for 26 dollars and the full amount will go to the work being done by the World Health Organization in deep crisis of the coronavirus.

At such a crucial time like the one we are living now by the pandemic coronavirus, all help is little. Everyone helps everything go better, and, above all, the infected and death will at least, with the simple fact of being in their homes. But the solidarity actions don’t stay there, many individuals have started to manufacture face masks in their own homes for all those around you who need it; and large companies have put their infrastructure to the point to even manufacture health material (from masks and gowns, medical up to ventilators machines in the case of the car factories).

Also celebrities are using their great speaker before an audience more attentive than ever social networks to help your way during this crisis. Many, such as references that are to your followers, encourage them to stay in their home and so avoid the chains of contagion; others, however, have passed to the action and have launched campaigns of solidarity. Known faces such as Ariana Grande or Taylor Swiift are making donations to the followers that have been affected economically by the crisis of the coronavirus; others like Rihanna donate millions to research to find the cure of this disease.

The t-shirt can be purchased on the internet for $ 26Photo caption

And now has been Harry Styles the who has launched a charitable initiative to coincide with World Health Day. The singer has designed a t-shirt with a simple message: “STAY HOME. STAY SAFE. PROTECT EACH OTHER“, which in English would be: “Stay at home. Are safe. Protejámonos each other”; and for the back you can read: “This t-shirt fight against the covid-19. Treats people with care.” (Can be purchased at the following link: https://shopus.hstyles.co.uk/products/stay-home-stay-safe-tee)

A price of $ 26

And is that this simple piece of clothing that you can buy for a limited time on the internet for the price of $ 26 has an end entirely supportive. All the money raised will go to the Fund of Solidarity Response to the World Health Organization with the support of the United Nations Foundation. “In a time like the present is more important than ever to the power of the people. If you can help, make a donation. 100% of the profits from this shirt will go to fight against the COVID-19”, said the message written by the singer through the official press release.

This donation will go so directly to the WHO and to their work to identify and understand the spread of the coronavirus as well as for ensure that all patients receive the medical care they need and that workers who are at the frontline of this care to have the material and information necessary for that their work will also be safe for themselves. In addition, they also help the development of vaccines to cure the covid-19 as well as for the realization of tests and treatments for the sick.

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