Henry Cavill (‘Superman’) of Wolverine

Henry Cavill it is one of the many, many names in the last few months has sounded, to replace Hugh Jackman and become the new Wolverine. Supermanthat in these moments anda immersed in the second season of ‘The Witcher’ (its premiere has been delayed by the crisis-cov) could become the most popular character in the X-Men, although, in principle, the pools do not apuntasen the british (actors like Keanu Reeves, Tom Hardy, Daniel Radcliffe, Taron Egerton have sounded with force lately), that did not even appear among the favorites. But when the river sounds…

A fan-art public on social networks for the graphic designer BossLogicall an eminence in the recreation of superheroes, has activated all the alarms in the fandom, which has begun to speculate. In the drawing we see a Wolverine very marveliano (remember that the Universe landed in Disney after splitting with Fox), extracted from the opening sequence of ‘man of Steel’, with a Cavill full of bullet wounds and wounds to heal. A version of the mutant that is close to the unanimously positive.

The body will not be; The imposing physique of Henry Cavill was one of the biggest problems that found the team locker room Witcher at the time of making their outfits. Cover your biceps and pectorals that inherited his military training to recreate Superman and make him a suit of armor that allowed her freedom of movement was not much less easy task. In fact, he came to break several times the leather on the fault of the delivery was in a few scenes. So there should not be an issue to maintain the sculpted Wolverine that Jackman forged for 17 years… we’ll See what happens.

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