Hilary Duff dares with the blue hair in the quarantine


  • The change hair Hilary Duff it is somewhat radical: it is what has turned blue! Do you dare with him?
  • Emily Ratajkowski has cut the hair during the quarantine period and is now unrecognizable.

    Many ‘celebs’ are taking advantage of these days of confinement to do something that, in reality, we have raised all: to change the ‘look’, even just a little, to see how it looks. In some cases, such as Ariana Grande, the change has been to simply stop using the dryer and the ironing board to show off their natural hair. In others, such as Emily Ratajkowski, the scissors have been involved.

    The dyes have also played a relevant role in the “and if…” of this quarantine: the pink it has been one of the major protagonists (as it comes to be so for several seasons), and Elle Fanning has been one of those that has opted for this color. So, in that sense, we were already missing one of the other shades of hair star of these past few years: the color blue.

    In Spain, one of the great ambassadors of this tone is the youtuber Ter, and we wonder if the ‘celeb’ international who now shall have such a reference will be Hilary Duffbecause it is the one that has chosen to make a radical change of style.


    The text of the photo reflects a “yes” accompanied by an ’emoji’, so that we understand, in principle, that is not a wig –something to which we have become accustomed by Kylie Jennerfor example–.

    And, as it is a tone that has already been dared on another occasion, we imagine that is a stylistic change that will look for a time, a risky bet that will always generate debate.

    Blue hair, yes or no?