Hollywood and Cannes converted into hospitals and shelters

Meanwhile, Hollywood is facing its worst crisis, and the mayor of Los Angeles has announced to enable various interiors of the cinema studios, where movies are being recorded, known as sets, and adapt them as emergency hospitals.

The planet is more united than ever and there are many celebrities who have contributed financial support. It is known that these include Angelina Jolie, who has donated a million dollars to combat child hunger. Also in Spain Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem have managed to buy and donate one hundred thousand nitrile gloves and face masks to local hospitals.

In this long list there are some actors that give a message of hope. The actress, israeli Gal Gadot, the popular Wonder Woman, has put together a list of the famous for singing a version of classic John Lennon “Imagine”. Anthony Hopkins shares with his fans his passions of art, which has been dedicated for this quarantine. The actor, 82-year-old appears playing the piano in the company of his cat Niblo, who has taken all of the plaudits of his followers.

The film industry seeks to collaborate and circulate varied messages with the idea of making you smile at times so hard.

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