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Have well cared hands and super nice is possible thanks to the simple tips that you share through your account Instagram the expert in nails Tom Bachik, the manicurist to stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian. Then, Bachik tells us how we can make the manicure at home.

1. In the event that your nails they are still painted, in a cloth that is lint-free cloth (not cotton), put a bit of Polish remover, apply this on your nails to remove all the color.

2. Use a file to shape them to your nailseither round or square. If you frequently work in computer it is best not to be so long, because you could hurt them. When you’re done it takes out the remains washing your hands.

3. Removes the cuticle and excess skin around the nails. Do it with a special tool to nail, at the end of lima that part and wipe it off with a bit of alcohol.

4. Apply a transparent base, waiting for it to dry, and check the color that you like more, giving a time between the first and second layer so that the drying is correct, and the tone lasts longer.

5. Put the brightness or ‘top coat’ will give brightness to your manicure and at the same time will protect your nail color. To end take a drop of oil to cuticles to rehydrate your nails and the skin around it.


Jenny Bui, the creator of the fabulous nail-jewelry Cardi B (07/02/20)

Jenny Bui, the creator of the fabulous nail-jewelry Cardi B (07/02/20)