“I choose to see goodness in the land of the lord”


NOTICIACRISTIANA.COM.- The singer secular Selena Gomez, can be a very little closer definitely to God, and is that the artist stated that he reads the scriptures while it is in quarantine. So reported The Christian Post

Selena joined the program interviews via Instagram which makes Miley Cyrus. This interview episode is called “Bright Minded”.

In the interview that he gave to Cyrus, Selena Gomez said it has taken advantage of the isolation to learn every day.

Selna Gomez, said that to maintain mental health fort lee far between, and their readings are poems, but also the Scriptures of God. He also spoke about a phrase that struck “I Choose to see goodness in the land of the lord”.

The singer said that though I was not ready to talk about it, however, commented that” but I know that there are moments that put us to the test How do we treat?


The singer mentioned that at this stage has undergone changes, now you go out with your dog for a walk and I begin to smile.

He also added that at this stage of the pandemic may serve for all the people to begin to be kind.

Selena said that it has given the rest to get away from the social networks and invited others to do so, as well as stated that you spend time every day with your dog to be quiet.

On the other hand, commented that he checked his mental health and was able to realize he has bipolar, and she has helped him all the information he has obtained about the disease.

He said that for entertainment, has helped write, thing that allowed her to be more quiet. He also explained that they have expressed things to many people through the paper.

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