I was left stunned! Mark Ruffalo touched the heart of Jennifer Aniston with a gesture surprising


Jennifer Aniston and Mark Ruffalo they are two of the actors most popular in the world. She kicked off her stellar career playing Rachel in the series Friends.

For its part, Mark became world famous with his role in the Marvel universe, embodying nothing less than Hulk.

On this occasion, the actor he came to the attention of your colleague with an initiative quite particular in the that envisions all workers of the film industry.

The actress asked his 32 million followers that collaborate with the solidarity action they are performing Ruffalo.

“My friend, Mark Ruffalobegan with an initiative to help our teams. These people are the backbone of the industry,” wrote the american.

“They play a vital role in the stories that we tell. They are our community and they need our help during this time. If you can, úntete my donating to the people behind all the movies and shows that we warm in the house”, asked Jennifer in reference to the proposal made by the protagonist of the Spotlight.

It happens that Hollywood is paralyzed because of the pandemic caused by a coronavirus, which leaves no work to hundreds of thousands of people.