If you feel like crying and not know why, Netflix has these movies for you to do it with reason


Crying is an exercise sanísimo that we should practice more often. Not only because eliminates toxins of our body, also because it helps us to release the stress, to express our feelings and eliminate negative emotions.

But if you need an excuse to do so freely, you can also opt for the always efficient trick to let yourself to be enveloped by the atmosphere. It is usual to listen to sad music when we’re sad and what is certain is that helps.

So, following this line, we propose some films that you’ll be able to desahogarte as you deserve and, in addition, you will enjoy the best movie theater without leaving home. Netflix puts at your disposal the drama, but the scarves are a thing of yours.

‘The Notebook’

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, stars of 'The Notebook'. (Getty)
Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, stars of ‘The Notebook’. (Getty)

Sure, when you have started to read, this has been one of the films that first came to mind. It is not for less since it is one of the films romantic par excellence. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams star in one of the stories of love more beautiful and tear gas of the film.

‘Love Story’

Yes, it is a story of young love, but surrounded by tragedy. One of those classics that never go out of fashion and has managed to stay on over time. Recounts the love story of two Harvard students who belong to different social classes, and that is not his biggest problem.

‘A monster comes to see me’

We thought that J. A. Bayona could not return to make us cry as much as with ‘The impossible’. We equivocabamos. And in what way. ‘A monster comes to see me’ has everything to force us to make us a ball on the couch. Follows the adventures of a child who will have to face their fears and harsh reality.

‘Grave of the fireflies’

Don’t let the animation fool you. Nor is it always children, nor is it happy and fun at all times. Proof of this is in ‘grave of The fireflies’, which follows the story of two orphans during the Second World Warwhile trying to flee the war and famine.

‘History of marriage’

The performances of Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver in this movie have already become history of cinema, its bright papers and your truth to interpret this marriage that is facing a divorce not easy to overcome.