Imagine Henry Cavill as the new Wolverine


Hugh Jackman se despidi as Wolverine after years of service dndole life mutant X-Men. With tear in eyes, the actor said good-bye after multiple sequels and films of the saga’s main, waking up the rumors about his possible successor. From Keanu Reeves to Taaron Egerton (Rocketman), passing through Tom Hardy -who is now Venom, are multiple names. Among the most remarkable resumes Henry Cavillknown to be Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher and Superman in sagas such as that of DC in the film… And, of course, as often happens, the digital artist BossLogic has offered to his view in this regard.

A good substitute to Hugh Jackman?

Cavill as Wolverine will be able to work, at least in the static. BossLogic, known for recreating different actors and actresses as characters from the ficcin, has thrown the rest in this montage, which reminds us how you can wear this reconsideration of the mutant. In fact, it picks up some elements caractersticos of Cavill in regard to their physicistand as we already saw in The man of steelyou will be able to fit in with the image that we have of the mutant in the head. However, there is a problem: physically moved we could find with the same problem at the level of size or stature that we saw with Hugh Jackman. In fact, the image of the character has gone by deforming both in their adaptations cinematogrficas, that many readers hallucinating with the true height of Wolverine.

In fact, the imposing physicist Henry Cavill has been one of the biggest problems that has found the actor in his career. Although like Superman, this is not any problem, s it is true that he has closed doors to embody characters such as James Bond. l, himself, confessed in an interesting interview some months ago. “I probably could have prepared me better physically moved,” said Cavill. “But I remember the director, Martin Campbell, dicindome that it was too long and large and that was a little bit chubby. No saba cmo train or what diet to do. And I am glad that Martin told me that, because I fit well the truth. It helps Me to improve,” he explains. It was not the only paper that I missed Henry Cavill because of his physical. The actor also stayed to participate in the saga Crepsculoafter that Robert Pattinson will stay with the role of Edward Cullen. Nor could he participate in Tristan + Isoldebecause James Franco was chosen for the film.

Marvel now has the rights to X-Men, you will be able to follow the line that already marc the FOX with his saga, or trying to find an adaptation ms faithful to the cmics. In fact, it is your priority absolute. Of time, as is often said, the possibility that Henry Cavill embodies the mutant may seem remote, but est playing hard, nearly as when we saw him probed to be Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher.