Irene Azuela shares her role as Irene Tidbits

Irene Azuela is an actress very restless. Their projects in film, theatre and television are ongoing, as the most recent series of Monarcit is producing Salma Hayek.

The mexican actress lives as a large part of the mexicans, the result of the pandemic, and experience social isolation from his home in Mexico City. Like all moms, the biggest challenge is to generate activities for your daughter and that pushed her to develop manual skills and creative to make the time more bearable.

“I never did any of the crafts that Things he taught in their program. And now I think that Pinterest will be given in the mother to her race. Or not! because Pinterest is a hoax. I’ve never come out anything like the images that this app offers. ¡Total!, what is being exercised here is the care and patience, given the lack of talent and the need to entertain the chamaques”, shared the actress on their social networks.

She, her daughter Juliana and her husband, Quique (Café Tacuba) are in house and through their social networks have shared how they live this quarantine, above all, a way to keep busy the little.

“Nor start with that ‘what they are’, because one hour of entertainment is a great goal… Already many postearon. As many said: if we were at home we went down the spread of the Covid19. Who will go? Who can? Órele, be encouraged, you decide! I stay in your house! Or failing that: leave at least that I can.”

Irene Azuela exposes another facet that has developed, that of an expert in crafts and games to share with other parents various ways to entertain the little ones.

“Today in Irene Little Things had to make a memory. Or concentration as you say these kids”.

The actress confessed that it has not been easy but she is ready to learn to develop creativity and combat entertainment. From the animation, puppets, board games, creation of figures to traditional games is what has been shown in their day-to-day.

The activist takes the count of their days at home, which are now to 29.

“They also had chlorine but not by the Covid, if not for the dog that peed. Do not walk as well as agüitados today?”.


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