‘Iron Man’: why is Terrence Howard no longer played James Rhodes? – Movie news


There is No doubt that the actor had chemistry with Robert Downey Jr., so… what happened?

This time we will enter in the most remote places of the Movie Universe of Marvel and we will talk specifically of the tape that started it all: Iron Man, here was when the charismatic Robert Downey Jr. it became the heart of millions of fans and we met the Commander James Rhodes played by Terrence Howard, who was suddenly replaced by Don Cheadle for Iron Man 2.

Still remember with gusto the scene involving Rhodes and Tony Stark as the billionaire was evidence of flight and, after getting in trouble with the navy of the united States, had to call the phone number of his friend James to desist from the attack. In fact, there were several moments in which these two characters interacted and in general left us with good impression, a detail that leads us to remember the why of the departure of Howard.

The records of the tape had Terrence Howard as the first actor who joined the project, and also became well known in his time that the interpreter was a huge fan of comics, especially War Machine, a fact that gave him a double reason to make this work because we the own Jon Favreau (director of a tape), he promised that at some point Rhodes was to become the character an ally of Iron Man with all the powerful outfits.

To prepare as best as possible, Howard chose to spend instructional time with actual military pilots at the Air Force Base Nellis, this mode would be the best War Machine in the history of the cinema, were at least their initial plans, but this began to be lost in a short time.

At that time, Terrence Howard was the cast member that more of the money received by the tape Iron Manthat was more of a bet than a safe rule. However, thanks to the success of the film resulted in a US$585 million in revenue worldwide, the contractual terms were changed, Downey Jr. you would get a juicy rise after being the face of a future franchise, and Howard would lose the zeros on your paycheck.

The above ended the hopes for Terrence to continue on board this boat, led by Kevin Present, president of Marvel Studios, including the actor made public his discontent, arguing the following: “apparently, the contracts that we write and sign aren’t worth the paper they are printed sometimes. The promises are not met and the negotiations in good faith does not always remain.”

The relationship between Marvel and Terrence had broken completely, even Robert Downey Jr. wandered away from the topic and thereby cut off communication with this pair of performers. It all boiled down to bad terms and enmity. It was in 2017 that Howard and Downey limaron asperities, seems to be that the time and the money to really fix any problem, at that time, Terrence said “they are all making money now.”

This was the reason why Terrence Howard left the character of the Commander Rhodes of the night to the morningeven without a lot of noise, but that there were a series of discontent and of contractual promises that are never achieved. Now, do you think that Marvel Studios made a trick to Terrence or so doing business in Hollywood?