It all started in a reality show


With more than 20 years in television, programs, reality tv came to stay. From Big Brotheras the precursor, to others as X Factor and American Idol, these spaces have served as buscatalentos and big stars current music and the entertainment world have tried their luck in any of them. But it is not just a matter of winning: the experience that leaves way to the artists.

Kelly Clarkson

❚❘ Kelly Clarkson is one of those rare cases of winners of reality and great success. She was the first winner of American Idol, in 2002. Now has eight studio albums, is the host of her own television program and has a project to record songs simultaneous in six different languages. Without a doubt, she knows how to take advantage of the opportunities.


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Nicole Scherzinger

❚❘ The hawaiian never doubted his talent. 20 years old, he dropped out of college to Wright, in Ohio, the state in which he grew up. He went on a tour through the interior of the country with a small band of friends. Then contest in Popstars and managed to enter the winning group. The quintet disbanded after a time, but returned to be a part of one with The Pussycat Dolls. Already solo participated in Dancing with the stars . Now it is jury of the reality show The X Factor.


❚❘ Another singer, who is also an actress. Before admission to Nickelodeon as the protagonist of The Girl Vampire , was a contestant on the reality television child Factor Xs in Colombia. Now it is one of the performers of pop music’s most outstanding Latin.

Johann Vera

❚❘ The guayaquil Johann Vera always knew that art was his passion. In 2007, when I lived in Colombia, he delved into the reality Factor Xs , which was then removed. Ten years after was encouraged to enter The Bandof Univision. He was runner-up, and by little is a CNCO. This year he won The Gull of Silver in the category best song international in Viña del Mar.

Camilo Echeverry

❚❘ Today, Camilo Echeverry is known worldwide, he has even collaborated with Shakira. But in 2007, she dazzled the whole of Colombia with his personality in the program Factor Xs. He was the winner of the show. Despite that, it got great impact until he started his career as a solo artist two years ago.