Jennifer Love Hewitt has dyed his hair pink


The boredom during the period of isolation has achieved many and many, including celebrities, to discover a vocation late of hairdressers and put hands to the work to renew its image.

The last to fall in this temptation has been the actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, who has surprised all of his followers to Instagram to show streaks of fuchsia that has been released to the quarantine.

“This is the smile of a girl who just give a few reflections roses she’s at home alone, because what else can you do one of these days”, has written the interpreter next to a selfie in which he shows the end result of your experiment.

Incidentally, also took the opportunity to ask forgiveness from your stylist usual Nikki Lee, which suggests that knew beforehand that she would not give the nod to the idea. In that same publication also has labeled the Fox to inform of your change of look, and possibly also to give time to the writer of the series ‘9-1-1’ to include it in the plot in the event that end up turning out to be necessary.

The former protagonist of ‘ghost’ is one of the shining’s most famous mecca of cinema, with the permission of Jennifer Aniston, and it has never given afraid to experiment with it. In the past it has looked from cuts pixie to bangs of different lengths and styles or, more recently, a hair long, combed in waves open that had become his hallmark.

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