Jennifer Stone, another actress who became a nurse to help in times of coronavirus


Jennifer Stone, actress of “Wizards of Waverly Place”, has just announced that incursionará into something more than the action: the nursing.

In your account of Instagram, the now nurse wrote that he’ll join the “front lines” during the fight against the coronavirus now that it is officially a registered nurse.

Stone shared a picture in your account of Instagram which showed the progress he has made over the years through the credentials that you have used. First there was the of it as a volunteer, then I was the of she is accredited as a nursing student and at the end appeared to his identification as a resident nurse.

“A very good friend of mine, Maiara Walsh, made me realize that today is #worldhealthday. It is also the day that I went from being a volunteer, then as a nursing student and now a resident of the nursing registered. I just hope to be at the height of all the amazing health care providers on the front lines now as I prepare to join them,” explained the actress.

Stone is known for her role as Harper Finkle, the best friend, “Alex Russo”, played by Selena Gomez, in “The Wizards of Waverly Place”. When the series ended in 2012, the actress participated in some other projects for Disney.

However, an unexpected event made her withdraw from the action. Stone was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetesafter having symptoms such as blurred vision and weight gain suddenly.

After you have stopped the action, knowing her diagnosis, and family pressure, Stone decided to go to college, so he began to study psychology. But after a time decided to switch to nursing, to be able to understand more about diabetes.

I wanted to understand my body and the impact of the Type 1” he explained to the portal Beyond Type 1but he added that after a time he realized that acting was also something that I wanted to do, so I decided to do the two. “Leave the performance reaffirmed my love for that, and I decided to go back”, he added.

Stone he graduated at the end of 2019 and bragged about the diploma in your account of Instagramas assured that this challenge will cost him sweat and tears.

“It has been a long road of blood (mostly other people’s), sweat, and tears (those were mine), but I can finally call myself a graduate of nursing!”, he wrote in December.

Soon Stone has shared his experiences of nursing within the stories of Instagram. Coupled with this has advised people to use face cloths to be able to “flatten the curve” and prevent more infections.

“Why I’m giving the nod as a guy lame? Because I’m using a mask to flatten the curve, you can’t see me smiling out of gratitude for hitting 300,000 followers! itThank you all for your love and support!”, published in your social network.

But solidarity exists not only in this contain, as Clara Alvaradoa Spanish actress, also left the action on pause in order to practice as a nurse in your country natal.

“It is not time critical, nor of political competition, or to kick us in the face of certain actions, but to provide useful content to the situation much more bearable for all, and help in any way possible for this crisis to pass as quickly as possible without doing more damage is being done,” said EFE Alvarado, who plays Ariadne in “The House of Paper”.