Joe Jonas was left make-up of Sophie Turner


The married couple has shared the activities done for fun during this quarantine, at his home.

11 Apr 2020 13:31By:

The quarantine is carried out in different parts of the world, is no stranger to the celebrities that, while they have homes equipped to make more bearable this time, also deplete the activities for fun.

That is why it has become normal to see how they make jokes, learn to cook, perform hair cutsand now, wear make-up, which is an activity fairly common, except, when the make up is a man.

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Such was the case of the married couple formed by the actress Sophie Turner and singer Joe Jonas. To pass the time during the isolation, the remembered “Sansa” series “Game of Thrones”, decided to put makeup on your husband, and climbed a couple of stories to show their skills and share with all your followers the image of her husband with a pair of shades.

The couple, who waiting for the birth of their first child, has given constant samples of the activities performed during the social distancing. In addition to the makeup, Joe shared a video in which he shows the “Batmobile” of Lego he built his wife.

In addition, the artists have given interviews virtualin which have been told that the closure period has been very beneficial for the two: “It is good for us to put us in each other during this time, but I think that can be different for many other people” added Turner, who also said that “We got married last year, so, naturally, we just want to be together, it is a moment really special.”

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