Just Dance – just Move in home with Just Dance Ulimited free


During the last few weeks, you have been encouraged to play your part and play at home with a variety of free games and offers, with the hope that it will bring you a little comfort and entertainment in these difficult times. With the understanding that many of you are looking for additional ways to stay active and maybe learn one or two dance steps, Just Dance is offering some options to help those who are at home to stay in shape.

One month free Just Dance Unlimited in Just Dance 2020

Do you have Just Dance 2020on Xbox One, Switch, PS4 or Stay? Starting today, we will be offering a free month* access to Just Dance Unlimited, a subscription service that offers versions in streamingmore than 500 topics Just Dance of games past. Then, we will share more details:

Holders of the versions in Switch and Xbox One:

  • The players who have a subscription of Just Dance Unlimited or are currently participating in the test a month free: This time free of Just Dance Unlimited will be added to your current subscription (or free trial), which will then walk to the expiration date. For players Switch, the extra time only applies when signing in with the same account you used to buy Just Dance Unlimited.

Holders of the version Stay:

  • Non-subscribers: Will have access to the full catalog of Just Dance Unlimited of more than 500 themes free of charge.
  • For players who are currently enjoying their one-month trial: The test will be paused and will have extra days of the free event.
  • For players that currently have a subscription of Just Dance Unlimited: The free time additional cannot be added to current subscriptions.

Holders of the game on PlayStation 4:

  • The players who have a subscription of Just Dance Unlimited or are participating in the one-month free trial: Unfortunately, the free time additional cannot be added to their current subscriptions.

Just Dance Now Game Free

The application Just Dance Now – available in the IOS App Storeor Google Play– allows you to use your smartphoneas a control in conjunction with any screen connected to the Internet to start your routine. Players can play one free song per day.

Demo Free Just Dance 2020

Download and play the demo free Just Dance 2020 in Switch, the Xbox One and PS4 now and dances with themes such as “Kill This Love” by Blackpink and “Talk” of Khalid. “Kill This Love” joins several players in a routine group full of energy and rhythm, while “Talk” here, take the things with more calm in order to keep up with the pace of this success of R&B.

For more details of the free offers, demos and more that we have for the people who are at home, please visit the website Web of Free Eventsand stay tuned for our additional offers.

Just Dance on YouTube

If you don’t have Just Dance on any platform, you can go to the official channel of Just Danceon YouTube and to have access to a variety of playlistswith fragments of songs to keep you in shape, the kids entertained, revisit the classic for a family party, dance and to go crazy with Katy Perry. There’s lots of songs to keep you moving! These playlists will be available free of charge in the channel during the next month:

To take advantage of the offer, it requires a ubisoft account and internet access. After the offering, the continuous access to Just-Dance Unlimited requires a subscription fee. The offer may not be available, or may differ, for current subscribers. Promotional offer; cannot be redeemed for cash.

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