Kendall Jenner told Justin Bieber what are your activities during this quarantine


Kendall Jenner spends the quarantine in his mansion in Los Angeles, from where he made a special appearance at the Instagram Live Justin Bieber. During the program, the singer and his wife Hailey Bieber (a close friend of Kendall) held a talk in a relaxed atmosphere, where they commented on the activities they carry out in times of confinement.

In this regard, the model is a member of the klan Kardashian Jenner, stated that it was “prioritizing self-care“. “Honestly I try to do everything possible to be away from the phone and I’m more involved in watching programs, movies and other things. Last night I watched The Last Song (The last song with Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth,” said the model between laughter.

He also gave details of your current routine: “Normally I get up in the morning and I walk my dogs. I’m doing quarantine with my friend Tiffany, who casually came to stay with me for a week, before things turned really crazy. We make safe walking every morning“. She also confessed that this very connected with your artistic side. “I’m very involved in the tie-dying (dye manual clothes), so I was tying and painting. I am also reading a lot“.

Even he shared with his 126 million followers on Instagram a photo using a muscly white and a panties metallicwith the detail of a mask of beauty on his face.

With your Nintendo Switch in hand, the model showed to be tossed over his bed with a serious look. As expected, the photo gained over 4 million likes and thousands of comments praising the model, among which stand out those of their colleagues and friends, the sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid.