Kill shot footballer Edwin Espinoza in front of his house


The footballer of the Guayaquil City, Edwin Espinoza, 20, was killed Saturday in the door of his home in the popular neighborhood guayaquil Isla Trinitaria in the south of the city, told Efe Carlos Franco, sporting director of this club from the First Division Ecuador.

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Espinoza was “a proper young footballer, very respectful and polite, with a great projection within the Guayaquil City. I’ve known him since he was 12 years old when he came to the club,” added Franco.

The midfielder received several shots.

“As we know, have confused you with someone when he was today at the door of his house,” said the manager.

Espinoza was part of the reserves of the Guayaquil City, which occupies the fifth position in the League Pro, to 4 points behind the leader, a Technical University that has 11.