Lady Gaga donated more than $ 35 million to cope with the Covid-19

Lady Gaga announced in late march that we live in a very frantic and full of fear these days, of course, is the pandemic that we are experiencing, so I took the decision to postpone the launch of their new album, Chromatica, with its first single already by all the lists of music and that it was intended to be on sale April 10,, case that had its negative side for thinking that she was only concerned about the promotion of the album and that now would be arrested to do so.

Few put attention on that statement published in social networks, where she said she preferred to use this time to “find solutions. It is important to me that the attention to be placed on having the essential equipment of medicine for the health professionalsthat kids who go to public schools to be able to eat, to have the assistance they need and support all those who will be financially affected during this pandemic,” said Lady Gaga in his post of Instagram, whilst putting aside any type of promotion to “Stupid Love” and everything related to its sixth studio album.

Maybe we should have put more attention to those lines that you now see your reality for you Gaga he knew how to take into account the more positive way of all that power of influence that it has on the industry and has managed to collect 35 million dollars with more than 68 corporate leaders of the world, companies focused on technology and philanthropistsfor the World Health Organization s COVID-10 Solidarity Response Fund, in partnership with Global Citizen, an institution that helps to resolve the challenges that present themselves in the world. And so we now find the release on his Twitter account:

What is it?

One World: Together At Homea special broadcast that will become a historic event that brings together more than 20 of the biggest names in heavy industry, such as Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Alanis Morissette, Andrea Bocelli, Elton John, David Beckham, Chris Martin and of course, Gagauntil the most influential of the time as Billie Ellish, Maluma, J Balvin and Lizzo, in the surrender tribute to all health workers around the planet that are fighting the Covid-19.


The show will be the Saturday, April 18 with the hosts Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Sthepen Colbert, although he confirmed that all proceeds will be before the show goes to air, so this is a show that is only to be enjoyed, without pay, without donations.

Will be transmitted by more than 15 platforms as YouTube, Apple, Prime Video, Tidal, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as major chains such as MTV, NBC and ABCare included… you have to access the page to sign up and be part of the movement.

Where is it for the amount?

“In times of disaster, the kindness is the most important thing that we have”, Lady Gaga, one of the voices most influential of our generation.

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Definitely, Lady Gaga has shown once again that his influence in the music industry of the world is powerful and there is not a better test than this, in which he invites us not only to be a part of a project that will support the healing of the virus with an amount that surpasses the $ 35 million raised, but that adds up with all involved to assume the commitment of stay home and enjoy an event first and that is intended to be a source of inspiration to this global struggle with the situation.

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