Leon and Pumas win in his debut in the choose MX

Leon and Pumas got their first commitment in the chosen MX and both were victorious on the Queretaro and Pachuca, respectively.

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The Beast, under the orders of Nicholas Sosa, played as a local and won 3-2 on Jeison Lucumi of Querétaro.

By the emeralds scored Leonardo Ramos (5’), Nicolás Sosa (69’) and Luis Montes (Leon); whereas for the Roosters White discounted Ariel Nahuelpán (14’) and Jeison Lucumi (35’).

On day 2, Lion “visit” to the Saints and the Querétaro is measured with the Xolos of Tijuana.

In the other encounter of the evening of this day Sunday, the Pumas, with Juan Pablo Vigon, defeated 2-1 by Pachuca of Cristian Souza.

The university opened the scoring at 41’, with both the same Vigon and the Tuzos were matched at the 87’ with Victor Davila.

When it seemed that the meeting would end tied, Carlos Gonzalez managed to record the win in the 90’, which sparked the excitement of John Paul.

In the date 2 Cougars faces with FC and Juarez Pachuca to Chivas.

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