Let us for thrill the world! Mariah Carey and Kanye West come together in spite of the quarantine


Beyond the rules of social distancing applied all over the world, two singers well-known will give a show in a traditional church the next Sunday of Easter.

The temple Lakewood will have their day Sunday by pastor Joel Osteen, and, overcoming the barriers imposed by the mandatory quarantine, Mariah Carey and Kanye West will be present.

One of the christian churches of the larger and most well known of the united States, will be given the luxury of celebrating the Holidays, nothing more and nothing less than with these two great artists of american music.

And that is before the impairments already known, Carey and West can connect in a virtual way to be able to celebrate together this important day within the christian religion.

In addition, the mass will be broadcast online so that all the faithful may enjoy the spectacle of Mariah and Kanye, in addition to the ceremony, which usually attracts a lot of people.

Joel Osteen was in charge of reporting via TMZ that was the very singer who is reported to join the event and confirm who will be performing the song “Hero” to in some way pay homage to the workers of the health system.

For his part still could not give assurances about what will be the role of Kanye West in the service, who is already usual to find among the faithful of this church. What, if we can say, is that it will be a day very moving and special, to enjoy nashelo the as of the great Mariah Carey from home.