Liam Hemsworth welcomes the Easter naked in your bed


Liam Hemsworth I wanted to congratulate the holidays in a special way this year. As I could not get out to look for a new scenario or choose a new ‘look’, he decided that it was best to offer a portrait from your bed naked (at least from the waist up of your 1,91 height, as you can check in its official account of Instagram).

The greeting of the actor australian is a new way to encourage to continue the quarantine at home. Liam Hemsworth is one of the many celebrities that encourage their followers to continue in the landfill to curb the curve of transmission of the new coronavirus. “Happy Easter. Beware”he wrote in the networks.

This is not the first time that the actor tries to transfer their values to their followers. During the wave of fires that devastated Australia last summer, the family Hemsworth gave a million dollars to help those who were trying to stop the flames and their consequences on the large oceanic island. Helped with their money to the firefighters, associations of care for the environment, Red Cross and other emergency services to serve as reference.


With 30 years recently met the actor enjoys a good moment of his career. After consolidated his performances in ‘The Hunger Games’ had managed to be something more than the brother of Chris and Luke (also players known world-wide). After releasing two films (‘Killerman’ and ‘isn’t it romantic?’) in the year 2019, for the present, he had participated in several episodes of the miniseries ‘Most Dangerous Game’ for Quibian emerging platform only for mobile devices that try to compete with the giants of the live video. In addition, is pending premiere of their film ‘Arkansas’.

However, Liam Hemsworth fondly remembers his first job with great impact. It was with ‘The last song’a story of young love with Miley Cyrus, with whom he undertook behind the scenes a decade later. They were married almost a year, but the divorce was official in January of 2020.