Look at the heartbreaking death alternative of Black Widow in ‘Avengers: Endgame’

The tremendous scene that marks the end of Natasha Romanoff was a lot worse than it was in the tape of Marvel.

It may be that one of the most traumatic 2019 has been Avengers: Endgame in general, and the death of Black Widow in particular. While we enter the theater knowing for sure that some beloved characters were going to die, nothing prepared us for that Natasha pereciera long before the epic final battle of the movie.And while the scene we thought it was tremendous then, that the people of Marvel Studios is had between the hands was much worse.

Let’s start this article by clarifying the many: if you have already spent more than a year since the premiere, any detail that destripemos of a film can’t be categorized as spoiler. Therefore, we are enabled to talk in depth about this topic and we will do so.

So let’s recap. The death of Natasha is tremendísima because, as we saw in the film, is the price to pay to retrieve the Stone of the Soula concerted effort to gather the Infinity Stones before the Titan-Mad Thanos. Clint Barton and the Black Widow travel to Voromir and there learned that, to gain the stone, they must lose what they love the most. The two struggle to see who is sacrificingá. Natasha wins the front and falls to her death, to the dismay of the fans (much discussed whether it was the closure that it deserved its arc dramatic).

And while that seemed to us terrible, the people of Marvel Studios was something still more heart-rending as one of the possible endings for Natasha. The sequence of death alternative of the exespía came to Twitter through the MCU, Perfect Clip and we was dismayed: this version is much more violent, because instead of a fight between Clint and Natasha, the two of them must fight against the forces of Thanos. Natasha receives several shots before he falls over the edge of the cliff, and although it is still PG-13, it is quite disturbing to see.

So, for more controversial has been the original scene, we can all agree that is a lot less traumatic than it is up here and that best solves the relationship between Barton and Romanoff.

The scene removed is pure gratuitous violence and is far from capitalize on the deep emotional impact that is the sacrifice of Natasha, which, in short, speaks volumes of how much love you have Hawkeye and Black Widow. The version that fortunately was ruled out penalties if it shows a connection between the characters as they fight against the soldiers of Thanos: in place of a time wrenching between two best friends,it’s just another scene of fight.

Therefore, for us to have complained or been shocked with the scene of the death of Black Widow in Endgamewe are quite confident that if we had to choose between the removed and the that finally got to the footage, there is no doubt what it is.

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