Mariah Carey dedicated ‘Hero’ to the health workers from their home | LOS40 Classic


Non-stop succession of the samples of solidarity of artists with the serious health crisis that we are living because of the Covid-19. Mariah Carey wanted to add to this wave of appreciation, and has published a new version of Heroone of his greatest hitssung to from your home.

The artist has dedicated this new version of her song of 1993 all “heroes who make possible our daily life”. Accompanied by a piano, Mariah has interpreted the theme for the workers who face the pandemic of coronavirus.

Before you begin to sing, Mariah says a few words to remember the situation that we are living and to send a message of encouragement to all his followers. “We are at a unique moment in history, a time that does not allow us to be together in person during the Holy Week. But I am grateful that many of us stay at homeand in doing so , we stay safe. We are united in this effort and at this time,” he continues.

Continues the artist with a nice reminder to all those people who are in the front row helping in this health crisis: “I want to take to recognize and honor the sacrifices and courage of those who work every day caring for their communities in this time of need and uncertainty. The heroes who make possible our daily life: the doctors, the nurses, the midwives, the store clerks, janitors, pharmacists, messengers and many more! The heroes who make possible our daily life. Let us continue supporting them and to others,” he says to finish the speech.

Written by her and Walter Afanasieff, Hero it formed part of one of his albums most acclaimed, Music Box (1993). On several occasions he has spoken of the song as a chant to the certainty that we are all hérores if we are aware of our inner strengthbeyond so discouraged or depressed that can feel at times.

It was the second single on his album and became a commercial success all over the world. It is considered one of the songs for the most known to Carey and usually interprets it, when you perform actions beneficial, in addition to sing it in his concerts.