Mariah Carey to revive a icnica song to pay tribute to the medical staff at Easter


In order to avoid the propagacin del coronavirus, a large part of the world, I decided to take the measure of social distancing, which forced it to suspend hundreds and hundreds of events performed during this first stage of the ao. Without a doubt, the religious holiday most important is Easter Sunday, but due to the quarantine mandatory, even churches must remain closed. However, Mariah Carey he found a way to participate in the religious ceremonies and perform a tribute.

The famous Lakewood church, pastor Joel Osteen, to make the mass of resurrection in a virtual way. The pandemic does not prevent the religious est in contact with their faithful in a date so important, nor that the artist you can pay a well deserved tribute. This initiative is sum anything ms and nothing less than the singer Kanye Westwho participate in the event in a virtual way. This is not the first time that the rapper is involved, because years earlier to visit the temple along with his wife Kim Kardashian and their children.

However, the surprise came when the recognized Mariah Carey got in touch with the pastor to tell you that she also be included as part of the transfer in vivo. And not only that, the mega music star, I announced to perform one of his songs icnicas to recognize the work of health personnel, that struggle gives to gives to eradicate the pandemic COVID-19. The theme you chose the interpreter is Hero.

In statements to local media, pastor Joel record how it was that I met the artist: I know Mariah from years ago and habamos hablado to do some things. Actually contacted us because they want to show a bit of support and honor to the sanitary equipment and do your part to bring hope and uplift the nation, declar.