Marvel: Samuel L. Jackson reveals that Black Widow is his Avenger favorite | Scarlett Johansson | Movies and series


Nick Fury could be considered the ‘father’ of the Avengers. Given that he was the one who brought them together in the beginning, many Marvel fans have always asked the question of which one would be your favorite.

While it is unlikely to get a response on the part of the character, Samuel L. Jackson had no problem in answering that question in an interview conducted by the specializing The Hollywood Reporter.

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The video shared on the social networks of THR shows on the popular movie star taking questions from a bowl. When Samuel L. Jackson reads the last, the one that asked to choose your Avenger favorite, gives an unexpected answer: “Nick Fury, because I am (laughs). In reality, it is Black Widow”.

Thus, the actor left side of superheroes the likes of Ironman, Captain America, Thor and Hulk and sindicó the character of Scarlett Johansson as his favorite of all the Avengers.

The election of Jackson could be based with his close bond with the interpreter Natasha Romanoff. However, there is the possibility that it is an act of a diplomat or a marketing strategy, given that the next film for Marvel to be released will be the first outlet in solo Black Widow.

In the MCU, Fury gives a new purpose to Romanoff after defecting from Russia, so that the fans of ‘the house of ideas’ expect your participation in Black Widow. However, the actor, also known for his role in Pulp Fictionhe warned that his followers should not expect to see it in the movie.