Marvel | “The Eternal”: What is his origin in the comics and how it will be integrated to the UCM?

“The Eternal,” will be the next superhero to have his version on the big screen as part of the Movie universe of Marvel (UCM). The cast of the film Marvel it is formed by Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, Kit Harington, Richard Madden, Barry Keoghan, Brian Tyree Henry, Gemma Chan and Kumail Nanjiani.

Recently, Hayek —who plays Ajak— announced that she would be the figure leader of the new group of superhéores in the tape Marvel Studios. In addition, it is known that the story will have influences from other cultures such as Bollywood. But, who are these characters?

Outside the world of movies, “The Eternal” are known to readers of Marvelunder the creative control of Jack Kirby. Are superhumans who travel the galaxy and face the villains are extremely powerful.

Initially, these characters were developed out of the world of Marvel; however, with time were included to the universe that we already know. The comic series of “The Eternal” was first published in 1976but only in the decade of the 80 would be other superheroes.

Three million years ago, at the beginning of the Earth, the Celestials came to the planet to create life in the form of three different races: humans, Eternals and Deviant.

The difference between these last two is that one group are immortal beings with great powerwhile the others are —as its name suggests— a deviation in evolution, since they consist of monsters horrifying that seek to destroy everything in its path.

Despite the fact that the Eternal were most suitable to complete the world’s population, are only developed a little over a hundred. On the other hand, the Deviant is reproduced in such a way that achieved the domination of the Earthtaking the human beings under its control.

Finally, the group of superhumans manage to save the world and they would become the protectors of mankind during a large part of its history. That is to say, they were also seen as a kind of gods. With the time, they would cross paths with Thor and it will show its coexistence with other deities such as Odin.

The Eternal” were relevant in their message of evolution —in addition to having an own cosmology— because they are a kind of gods who safeguard humans against other races threatening as the Deviant. You have lived in for more than a million years, they can’t die and are virtually superior to all, less to their creators, the Celestials.

Despite being a plot quite original the series of Jack Kirby was canceled two years after, back in the 80’sit is integrated to the Marvel universe. However, the result was not the best. In 2006, they returned thanks to the work of Neil Gaiman and John Romita Jr.


With the adaptation of “The Eternal”, these characters are very little known part of the Movie Universe of Marvel (UCM). However, this cosmic world is completely different to everything that has been done previously in productions like “Avengers” or “Captain America”.

How to enter the UCM? It may be that the introduction of Thanos to open a door firstsince the Titan Insane would be an Eternalaccording to the comic books that tell of his origins. Despite being a superhuman, his appearance was altered by a mutation of gene Desviante (yes, the race to be the enemy of the Eternal.

Given the delays by the pandemic coronavirus, “The Eternal,” released in February of 2021. Therefore, it will be a while until we see the first preview of the highly anticipated film Marvel.

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