meme to the artist of the moment


The 2020 seems to be the year of Doja Cat, a rapper and producer originally from Los Angelesthat started up his first creations in Soundcloud

That led her to sign with RCA and launch in 2014 EP “Purrr!”in addition to the disk “Amala” in 2018, both without great impact, but put it on the map as one of the new promises of the rap.

Until you came “MOOO!”, a topic that take samples to Kelis and Ludacris in a very peculiar way and that earned him the first impulse to his career, which seemed to be something standing before the fame of such as Nicki Minaj and Cardi B.

“Bitch I’m a cow” sings Doja Cat dressed cow drinking a milkshake and eating French fries while ago theme dub twerk and back of it a background in which you can see cows and a few boobies anime bouncing.

“MOOO!” was transformed into a monster viral, getting millions of visits, in addition to being used in hundreds of memes along Twitter and YouTube.

After the espóradico success of “MOOO!”, Doja Cat seemed not to have taken advantage of the momentum of the topic, but sooner or later it would re-establish themselves with easy as “Juicy” and “Tia Tamera”, both subjects managed to sound strongly in the radio, the urban united States and be a part of your second album “Hot Pink”:

“Hot Pink” shows the side more pop of Doja Cat, but without leaving of side the craftiness of his rhymes and the flow for urban areas, which contained his earlier themes.

One of the great examples of that pop sensibility and sweet is “Say So”, a track with disco influences and setenteras produced by the controversial Dr. Lukewho is involved in a legal battle with the singer Keshain fact both are part of his record label Kemosabe.

It is clear that Dr. Luke is not the factor that made “Say So” turned into a hit world, nor could be attributed to Doja merit.

But yes to the user TikTok, Haley Sharpe, who would use “Say So” to dance it in one of their videos. It was there where the phenomenon of Doja Cat fell off all over the world, coming to be shared 16 million times in the app.

And that is the power of TikTok got “Say So” is transformed into one of the great successes of the 2020, alcanzandoel top 10 in the ránkings of 15 countries.

Last year appeared in the latest album of the pop star’s Swedish Tove Loin addition to be a part of the soundtrack of “Birds Of Prey”, being your theme “Boss Bitch”one of the main of the latest installment in a cinematic universe of DC.

Meme to the author of the hit of the moment, that achieved Amaratna Zandine Dlamini, more commonly known as Doja Cat.