Miley Cyrus dresses up as playboy bunny to celebrate Easter Sunday


Day of Pacualey

The celebrations for religions that believe in christ came in a moment or joke you can come out to see representations of the crucifiction. But this has not been an impediment for Miley Cyrus held and disguised of bunny Easter.

Sunday Easter it’s the day that jesus Christ rose 3 days after being crucified, and it is the biggest day for people who believe in him. And in some places it is celebrated by hiding eggs decorated as are the gift of a rabbit.

And Miley Cyruswith all the irreverence that always loads, decided to become the bunny bring gifts this Sunday of the resurrection of the houses. And through its account of Instagram spread several photos of her costume.

In the that is characterized as a bunny pink, accompanied by a mascot rabbit, because why not have the couple if you already walk in these?

With these photos Miley I wished him a happy easter to all of their followers along with V Magazine, a magazine published some photos of the singer accompanied by a message in which they remember the time that he participated with the publication.

“I hope that our readers separate the love of the good memories and hope to create many more. Remember, when the stars are aligned as Miley knowing Carlyne, let the magic happens!”

Miley Cyrus continues to work on his music until the time and although she has not yet announced when it will come a new album, the singer is more active than ever before with their fans and followers in social networks.

Where organized live interviews through platforms such as Instagram to talk with various artists such as Selena Gomez, Jimmy Fallon, Lauren Singer, Cody Simpson among others.