Miley Cyrus makes a bold photo shoot to celebrate Easter


The famous Miley Cyrus always looks shrouded in controversy however this time what caught our attention was the series of photographs of the daring with which he chose to celebrate Easter.

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It is a series of 6 photographs that appear wearing a uncovered and seductive outfit of a playboy bunny.

However, what most caught the attention of the users was a photograph that appears next to a rabbit giant, which is about to give him a nalgadasy is that not what we can say in another way, the photo caused controversy, as it has a message quite suggestive as the figure of the rabbit appears as dominant.

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Miley Cyrus makes a face that expresses what you are going to receive a punishment, and perhaps this enjoying, therefore the photo has a double meaning. This session is one of the most crazy that has done lately.

However, this photograph was not all as it also went up more in the that appears as part of the easter gifts on top of a basket. In other more she represents the rabbit and even shown holding a stuffed rabbit more small in their legs.

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Something very interesting about her outfit is that the ears were combined with the wig in a very creative way, making your outfit look even better.

The publication has been so successful that it has almost reached three million likes in less than 9 hours, something that reflects all of the attention that has the young, as it far exceeds other so-called influencers.

Miley Cyrus knows how to attract attention, so this series of pictures was no exception, making millions of people will see it and even comment on how much they liked the session with some emoticons of a heart and ensuring that it is of your favorite photographs.

Finally we can say what the users were quite grateful and we wished you a happy Easter. The young singer will continue to consintiendolos with this type of publications surely.