Miley Cyrus puts an end to the masculinity toxic


Miley Cyrus it has been characterized by an attitude of rebellious and freedom in their appearance. The singer has also been honest with their fans and few months ago decided to discover more about themselves and their preferences by engaging in a relationship with another woman.

In these days of social isolation, Miley he has made several Instagram Lives to communicate with their fans, but also took the platform to send a message on the masculinity toxic.

As Sophie Turner,
Miley he painted to her boyfriend, but not with the purpose of testing their talent with the
makeup. The singer posted a pair of photos and videos where
Cody lucy’s blush, mascara and red lipstick.

The singer also shared a picture during the process
make-up to demonstrate that the only thing that a person needs, regardless of gender, is love itself, and confidence, in addition, he shared that the couple supports one another.

Miley wanted to give a
message on the
masculinity toxic, that series of rules and behaviors that you have to have a man to be considered as a strong or dominant in front of women, so they arranged to her boyfriend using products that were thought to be exclusive to women is a test that does not make him less a man.